Monday, December 1, 2014

Frozen...On Ice

Waaaaay back in March, maybe, I saw that Frozen was going to be local to us for a Disney on Ice event and I knew some munchkins who would love it.  As luck would have it, as the date neared, their love of Frozen waned . . . and of course E became obsessed.  I went back and forth but figured, while he would enjoy it, the bigs would get the most out of it.  So E got to have a Daddy date, and Oma and I took the bigs.  {I'm sure there was nothing she would've rather been doing for her birthday. haha}

They thoroughly enjoyed it, and although some "major" parts were left out, my detail - minded friends enjoyed it anyway.  

We all really enjoyed the show, the skating and singing, and maybe especially the half-million dollar snowcones they talked Oma into buying them . . . 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Lake Monticello, 2014 edition

Only a month behind . . .

We headed south for our annual weekend at Lake Montecillo and had a wonderful time - as always.  The boys swam, and swam, and swam.  They tried out the tube behind the boat for the first time, we rode on the boat, and had lots of great family time!


Gs first official photobomb!

I had emailed Katelin earlier in the week and asked if Patrick could possibly bring some handcuffs for our police - obsessed child to see what "REAL police handcuffs" looked like.  he went above and beyond . . . and I had 2 boys in heaven.

G, naturally, traveled with his police costume, but H even took his Woody costume {from Halloween 2012} to be G's sheriff.

REAL handcuffs being put into a REAL handcuff holder.  

Even E got in on the dressing up with some gloves.
And then there was some more swimming . . .



Little brother sooooooo wants to be a big boy!

If you must be up at 5:30am, this is a pretty good spot to enjoy some coffee.  {Thanks, E . . .}

Patrick also gave the boys some "ticket books".  Obviously they were a hit . . .