Tuesday, October 30, 2012

{almost} wordless Wednesday

Sandy's devastation. They WILL persevere.

Punkin Face

We spent Sunday evening at the dining room table carving our pumpkin.  {and by "we", I mostly mean me}  :)  H kept calling it a "punkin face". 

G, with a little input from H, decided on the shape of his eyes and nose and that he should have a "mouth like me . . . with his toof missing."  ha!

The finished product is lovely, if I do say so myself :

but of course the process was the most fun!

 "Ewww Mommy!  It yucky!"

 I kept telling H to pull the stuff out.  And he did . . . seed by seed.

 Proof that hell froze over and G actually put his hand inside the pumpkin!  I was so impressed . . . even though after about 4 grabs he needed to go wash his hands.  Ha!

 E had to get in on the action, too

And of course it went straight to his mouth.
 Mimi saving him.

Sweet brothers.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Phone Dump Friday

It's been a while. Between sewing the romper from hell and immense amounts of snot nasal mucus taking hold of our home for the past 2 weeks, there hasn't been much time for extras.  Blogging is apparently in this category. 

More often than not, this is how I fix dinner:

But, with a smile like this, he kinda' gets what he wants.  :)

 The Tooth Fairy's goods.

We've been enjoying the nice weather and E even got to try out the big boy swings.

We took a trip to Pa for the weekend and got to see some friends.

"Yook, Mommy!  Huson-huson take off Huson shoes."  Almost, Buddy.

 This guy . . .

 . . . completes me.

 I cleaned out the diaper bag.

 We've played with playdoh . . . and I gritted my teeth while he mixed colors.

Sweet snuggles . . . and evidence of why all the necklines of my shirts are stretched out.

A thank you pic for our cloth diaper convertor. 

Be still my heart.

 Throwing leaves outside the library on a Friday night.

We're going with a Toy Story theme for Halloween this year.  One little man was quite excited when his costume came in.

"Mommy, Huson-huson picture. Huson-huson cheese!"
Not quite his Halloween costume, but pretty stinking cute nonetheless.
 He wanted to try on Buzz, too.

 Most of our pictures are a blur these days.  The munchkin doesn't stay still long anymore.

Daddy went with some friends to the Nascar race in Dover a few weeks ago, where he had his picture taken with Lightening McQueen.  Buzz and the firefighter were quite impressed!

A brotherly lunch date.

Hudson's preferred method of donut eating.

Frozen GoGurt . . . it's what's for dessert!

We had a picnic at Gs school last week . . . too bad it had rained the night before so we were all crammed inside.  Everyone had fun, though!

We hit up a pumpkin patch last week.  {shhh . . . don't tell G!}

 One of my favorites!

 We played a little driveway baseball.

 The other night, I discovered that Easton's first tooth had finally come through, so everyone, of course, had to check it out.  Hudson decided {multiple times!} he needed to check out Mommy's "new toof".  ha!

E was being especially smiley the other morning, so I got the phone out to capture some . . .

. . . and then there were 2 . . .

. . . and then a different 2 . . .
I love how E's looking at G!

And then there were 3.

The End.  :)

Happy Friday!