Friday, September 30, 2011


InstaFriday {Phone Dump Friday!}

I missed posting last week because we were partying with my cousin and her adorable new husband at their wedding.  Aren't they just precious?!  {Credit for this amazing pic goes to my favorite Aunt Dana!}

And now, without further adieu, my collection of phone dump pictures from the past 2 weeks {in no particular order}:

I'm in the kitchen and hear a few thuds.  This is what I find when I go to investigate.  *sigh*

 Playing hide & seek in the closet with their cousins {G's behind Lilly in the closet!}

Climbing.  Imagine that.

Sliding with Trey.

 He never stops.

Apparently Cheerios taste better when dumped out of your snack cup and into the dog bowl.  Yum.
A new hiding place.  {sigh, again}

We drew another hop scotch in the driveway this week.  G couldn't quite grasp why the rain washed the other one away.  But...he's totally got the hang of it.  Super cute!  And in between eating chalk and sticks, Hudson even gave it a try.  He's almost got jumping down.  Not sure that's a good thing.

We didn't get back into town from the wedding and the PA until late Sunday night, so Monday morning, Mommy was tired.  I took full advantage of G enjoying watching television in my bed {and H sleeping his normal 13 hours!!}.  So, when G woke up, I brought him in my room, turned on Sprout, and proceeded to doze back off.  About 20 minutes later when I awoke, this was my view.  Apparently tv wasn't enough to keep him occupied.  He needed an airplane, too!

And finally, Hudson had his 15 month check-up this week.  All looked great!  Dr. K spent about 10 minutes in the room with us, asked all the normal questions and said he was perfect.  "But obviously quite busy."  Um, yes.  Commented on all of his "marks" - bruises, scratches, and just marks.  And then asked if the house was "relatively childproofed".  ha!  Until Hudson, I would have said undoubtedly YES!  It's totally childproofed.  He, however, seems to find trouble around every corner.  This is obviously what he meant.  Then, as he left the room and H was climbing back up into the chair for the 3rd time, he looked at me, smiled, and said, "Good Luck."  Wow.  Don't know that I ever expected to hear that from a pediatrician! 

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Disney Store Foul - Take 2

Sooooo...I've been following Bethany's blog - the woman who, via twitter, opened my eyes to the Disney Store's lovely "I {heart} NERDS" line.  You can see my original post here

Rather than rewrite a message I received from Bethany this morning, you can read for yourselves what she wrote me:

I wanted to send you this message that I just sent to friends and family on facebook--pass the word along and let's put out one last fight!

Good morning friends :)
I went back through my facebook feed and came up with this list because each of you either complained to Disney about their nerds line or somehow provided support as the first news story aired. I would first like to thank each of you for your kind words and for backing Scott and I up on something we firmly believed was a wrong move for a company so many young children love.
I wrote on our blog Tuesday night that we are "done" trying to campaign for Disney to know this line was inconsiderate for children with glasses and insensitive altogether, and truly, after this final move I am done.
I would like to ask each of you to file one more complaint. This is because Shawn Turner, head of PR for Disney, has in essence called me a liar on two television stations and is adamant that Disney has received NO complaints on the nerds line. Um, who checks the Disney Store complaint email box? Apparently no one.
So if you could send just one more email with your thoughts and feelings to Shawn Turner herself, I would be FOREVER GRATEFUL. Here is her contact information:
Shawn Turner
Disney Store North America


I am sending my own email off this morning, basically just copying and pasting what I wrote on our blog in August. Your email doesn't have to be long or take up much of your time--just a sentence saying you think the nerds line was insensitive is enough. Or you can give her a piece of your mind if you have an extra 5 minutes--wouldn't hurt to do so :)

And since I've taken some recent heat over the word "nerd" I'd just like to remind you as you write Shawn what Websters defines it as:
a stupid, irritating, ineffectual, or unattractive person

Do we want our children who wear glasses because they HAVE to labeled with such a hurtful term? Nope!
Thanks everyone for everything. You're all the best!
Interesting.  VERY interesting that Bethany has been interviewed my news stations twice {that I know of} both times Disney PR giving a response to the news channels yet not to any of us. {You can see her interview with her local channel here.}  I know at least 2 other people, as well as myself, who received the generic, auto-generated email from Disney: "We received your email; we value your opinions and feedback; you can expect to hear from us shortly."  Blah. Blah. Blah.  Interesting that their computer system obviously received my email, yet this Shawn Turner didn't.  Yeah.  They really value our opinions. 

Anyhow, if anyone who comes across this could please send a{nother} email to Shawn Turner directly and let her know how wrong this entire line is.  How wrong it is to encourage bullying to these young, impressionable children.  Young impressionable children who, in essence, have a disability.  This is the angle all of my emails have taken.  On behalf of my sweet G.
And the millions of other amazing, adorable, spunky, brilliant, impressionable kids out there.  Who also happen to wear glasses.

{And adding that she's a freaking liar wouldn't hurt my feelings either.}  

Thanks!! : )

Sunday, September 18, 2011

15 months are FIFTEEN MONTHS OLD!!! 
How is that possible??!

What you're up to these days:

* You are 32 3/4" tall {90%} and 23 pounds {25%}.

* You wear a size 4 diaper, 12-18 month clothes, and a size 5 shoe.

*  You are so busy.  And you are into EVERYTHING.    As your Daddy says, "One step forward, 3 steps back when Hudson's around". 

* You love to climb!  We've had to start making sure the dining room chairs are pushed in or you'll be on top of the table before we can blink.

*  Everything you touch goes in your mouth.  Yes, EVERYTHING. 

*  You are working on cutting your last 2 teeth...and then we'll be done until those 2 year old molars!  6 teeth in the past month have about done your momma in.

*  You are still an amazing sleeper, and eater!  You will try anything, and there are very few things you don't like.

*  You still love your 2 fingers and suck them anytime you're getting tired.

*  You give the sweetest open-mouthed kisses and lots of hugs. 

*  You repeat anything we say.  "Uh-oh" is still your favorite ... and it still drive me nuts!

*  You can also say: ma-ma, da-da, you squeal if we ask you if you can say Garrett!, dog (dah), kid (ki), thank you (unk-oo), ball (a-baaaa), and no (nah).

* I'm pretty sure you're going to end up being left handed.  Daddy says a left-handed quarterback.  I vote for a left-handed pitcher.  Must less likely to get hurt. 

*  You have no fear.  At. All. 
*  You LOVE your brother!

And I'm sure there will come a time that you don't like each other very much...but that won't stop me from hoping you'll ALWAYS love each other this much!

Happy 15 months, little man!  Your monkey-man tendencies often drive me nuts, but I wouldn't trade you for the world!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


...on a Saturday.  Whoops.

Last Friday we braved the rain and went and played at Loudon Sport Bounce.  Fun, fun, fun!  And a WONDERFUL place to burn off some extra energy...especially after being cooped up for the last week!

Luckily he was free.  Since, you know, he spent most of his time playing in a $5 bucket.

After playing, we braved the rain some more and met Daddy at our favorite lunch place - The Lost Dog Cafe.  Yu-um!  And the best part?  It was still raining, which meant we got to walk up the street with our "barellas".  Exciting stuff. 

I don't know what day this was, but the child had been awake for 10 minutes.  And the room did NOT look like this when he woke up.

Here are some more shots from the Redskins game on Sunday.
Tailgating with Jeff Gordon and Light My Queen

The marching band was definitely a highlight.


 These little flags provided HOURS of entertainment....

We spent A LOT of time outside this week since the monsoon had finally stopped.  Did a little chalk drawing/writing...
"Look, Mommy!  I drawed a O!"  He's a genius.

...and some chalk-eating.  Ugh.

We spent one morning at the park.  Hudson loves the has stairs instead of a ladder.  Which is nice, but also allows little monkey-people to help themselves up.  These were all taken at my eye-level.  Did I mention I'm 5'10"?

This is the one that acts as evidence of why I just might not survive him.  There are 3 slides - side by side - and crazy man decided he'd like to try out the tallest.  Luckily, he turned around and came back down the stairs, but still.  The thought that, at almost 15 months, he WANTS to climb 10+ feet in the air makes me a little nervous for the upcoming years.

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