Friday, September 9, 2011


Boating last Sunday...the little boys and Rich.

2 boys, 1 bat, a snack cup and a dog bed.  Looks like trouble to me.

I slipped away one evening to do a little shopping at Target.  It just so happens that Joann's is in the same parking lot.  As is Michael's.  Coincidence?  I think not.

A couple of projects I've been working on this week...a scarf (with elastic thread!) and a "Boo-HOO-HOO" owl.  He has rice in his bottom half, and supposedly once refrigerated/freezered (not frozen, just ... freezered!) he becomes a little friend to use on boo-boos for little people.  His ears are still too big, but other than that, I think he turned out cute. 


G is really trying to become a picky eater.  Drives. Me. Nuts.  Although he wasn't quite sure about how to start rolling his tortilla up, he finally got the hang of it, and 1/2 way through his second chicken/bean/rice burrito - with his mouth full of food - professes, "This is good!"  Yay!  {and if you haven't tried the Old El Paso Tortilla should!} 

The REAL reason we have dogs.  I have the cleanest high chair west of I-95!

Cute boys.  Hanging of the dining room table.  Hudson now says, "EEEEE!" for "cheese".  Love them.

And the biggest story of the week is the rain.  The incessant rain.  24 hours before this picture was taken - no exaggeration - the boys' pool was no more than 1/2 full.  This afternoon, it was overflowing.  Tomorrow we are braving the rain and getting out of this house.  Because if not, I might go crazy.

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  1. So true about dogs and highchairs! I hate eating places where there are no dogs!

  2. Cute boys! We have 2 little dogs and they are great mops!!!