Sunday, September 18, 2011

15 months are FIFTEEN MONTHS OLD!!! 
How is that possible??!

What you're up to these days:

* You are 32 3/4" tall {90%} and 23 pounds {25%}.

* You wear a size 4 diaper, 12-18 month clothes, and a size 5 shoe.

*  You are so busy.  And you are into EVERYTHING.    As your Daddy says, "One step forward, 3 steps back when Hudson's around". 

* You love to climb!  We've had to start making sure the dining room chairs are pushed in or you'll be on top of the table before we can blink.

*  Everything you touch goes in your mouth.  Yes, EVERYTHING. 

*  You are working on cutting your last 2 teeth...and then we'll be done until those 2 year old molars!  6 teeth in the past month have about done your momma in.

*  You are still an amazing sleeper, and eater!  You will try anything, and there are very few things you don't like.

*  You still love your 2 fingers and suck them anytime you're getting tired.

*  You give the sweetest open-mouthed kisses and lots of hugs. 

*  You repeat anything we say.  "Uh-oh" is still your favorite ... and it still drive me nuts!

*  You can also say: ma-ma, da-da, you squeal if we ask you if you can say Garrett!, dog (dah), kid (ki), thank you (unk-oo), ball (a-baaaa), and no (nah).

* I'm pretty sure you're going to end up being left handed.  Daddy says a left-handed quarterback.  I vote for a left-handed pitcher.  Must less likely to get hurt. 

*  You have no fear.  At. All. 
*  You LOVE your brother!

And I'm sure there will come a time that you don't like each other very much...but that won't stop me from hoping you'll ALWAYS love each other this much!

Happy 15 months, little man!  Your monkey-man tendencies often drive me nuts, but I wouldn't trade you for the world!

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