Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tackle Redskins!

We spent September 11th as a family enjoying our first professional football game....

{Minus Mr. Hudson.  We decided they would probably not appreciated him swinging from the rafters or hanging from the goalposts, so we left him behind this time.  Next time, Little {crazy, monkey} Man!}
The day was gorgeous {we could have handled a few more clouds...or seats on the opposite side of the field where they had shade the whole game rather than the 2nd half like we did} and, of course, the outcome was the best!

We, of course, got there a little early and had time to do some tailgating...which, with a 3 year old, included driving his Jeff Gordon & "Light My Queen" cars around the bed of the truck, and, when it got too warm, he joined Mommy in the shade of the inside of the cab and drove them on the dash!


We got to our seats about 30 minutes before kick-off and watched the teams "warm up their muscles"...

...and watched the helmet tunnel be inflated.  VERY exciting stuff.

Then came the flags, and finally...
...the players!

In addition to handing out small flags to most patrons, there was a 100 yard long American flag displayed during the National Anthem. 

V.E.R.Y. COOL!  And very moving.

About 10 minutes into the game came the question..."Are we done yet?"  ha!  Not yet, little man.  We only ended up leaving the seats once to get a drink (yummy fresh-squeezed lemonade), and take a bathroom and wiggle break. 

**And a side story I don't want to forget...We were in the bathroom and as we came out and were washing hands, there were some girls (teens/early 20s) taking pictures, laughing...having a good time.  They saw G {in his "Tackle Redskins" uniform} and were ooh-ing and ahh-ing over his cuteness {glad they can see it, too! ;)} and asked him to come over and take a picture with them.  He wouldn't talk to them, so I asked him if he wanted to go take a picture with them.  He looked up at me and then over at them, and then replied, "No, thank you."  HA!  I'm totally going to remind him of this in 15 years!**

We really had a good time, and G did so well!  Rich went up and got some food at the start of the 4th quarter so we could have a "football picnic".  Makes sense since we were on a "Redskins date".  Ha!  The kid cracks me up!

There was some self-portrait taking,
some flag waving/drumming,
and by the last 2 touchdowns, he was willingly, and excitedly, giving everyone around us high-5s!

Okay, so there was A LOT of flag waving and drumming.

We had a wonderful time, and to have the Skins win {convincingly} was the best part!

Traffic really wasn't terrible getting out...a good thing for Julia and Damian since Crazy Man refused to sleep AT ALL for them.  My child who sleeps like a saint completely refused a nap and other than a 30 minute nap after dinner, he was raring to go! {as evidenced by the photo I got as we were leaving the stadium!} 
Sorry, guys.

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