Saturday, May 31, 2014

It was bound to happen. . .

Since the day he started moving, it was only a matter of time. 

Thursday night turned out to be an eventful one . . . 

We'd been babysitting a friend's little boy and when he finally dozed off, I threw my guys in the tub. After bath, what was supposed to be an early night turned into anything but. 

I'd sent the big into their room (per usual) while I got E dressed for bed. Most nights they will come out by the time I'm done, fully dressed and ready for bed.  I heard them playing in their room but nothing out of the ordinary, so when I heard the bang I did the 'hold my breath and wait for the scream' that I do at least once a day. And oh, it didn't disappoint. G showed up behind me (to which, logically, I assumed was a sign of guilt) but said he didn't do it. Hudson came in (I still hadn't turned around) and said he "hit it".  Hit what??!  Well, I'm assuming the corner of the footboard, but he really has no idea. Why you might ask? Well, because he was running with the towel over his face. Of corse he was. 

When I finally did turn around, there was no towel (or clothes), a hand over his left eye, and blood.  Lots of blood. 

Half of my first thought as I whisked him into the bathroom (leaving E on the changing table . . . Mom of the year, here) was crap! I just shampooed these carpets last week. Haha. 

As soon as I wiped it off and could actually it I knew it needed to be stitched. No homemade butterfly bandages were going to hold that sucker together. 

Luckily about 4 minutes later - as I'm trying to figure out who to call to stay with my guys (since Rich was still in DC) plus our snoozing guest -the phone rang and his mom was on the way. I told her what had happened and asked if as could stay, so we literally passed in the doorway, and off we went. 

I stopped up at urgent care first to see if they'd even do stitches, and other than having I wait over an hour for the doctor to come into the room (there was only one doctor and they were quite busy) we had a great experience. The nurse wrapped him up like 'the karate kid' while he cleaned it and then we waited. We played on my phone until it was all but dead, we colored (paper and our face . . . Note the blue dots in the last picture), wrote our name, played with stickers, and peeled all of the paper off of the crayons. 

When she finally came in, concurred that even if they had dura-bond (the glue) it wouldn't have mattered, and stitched him up. 

He was a total champ! Cried for the numbing shot (I would've too!!) but laid still while she stitched him up, and he was the proud recipient of 3 shiny, new stitches. 

He's been really good about keeping it covered, and has only given me a fuss when I was trying to take the double bandage off of it after their t-ball game yesterday. We'll go back Wednesday to see if they're ready to come out. And hopefully it'll be a long, LONG time before we need more!  

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Phone dump Friday...on a Saturday night

Because even though I REALLY want to do better at recording our crazy lives, I'm still sucking at it. :-)

This baby loves him some bubbles!

It only took {almost} two years, but he finally has his name on his wall! {it's hanging now, too!}

G played hooky one day at the beginning of April so we could spend the day in dc at the museum of natural history before the dinosaur exhibit closed for 5 years. 

After the museum and a picnic on the mall, we stopped by daddy's work and played a little dress up . . .

. . .did a little partition jumping . . . 

. . . And then even convinced Daddy to come home with us!

And because I was determined to get it done before he was 2, Es mommy-made blanket is finally done. The big boys' are crocheted, but I'd found a jelly roll on sale so decided to try my hand a quilting. A quilter I am not although I do love the outcome.  

We went to the park for our weekly play/sanity date and took a walk. This happened:

And then we rode home like this:

We celebrated our non-Hispanic heritage with a lovely little concoction:

We've "helped" daddy clean the van,

played some ball under the lights like the big kids,

We've taken some selfies,

and done some pants-less dancing.  With rain boots, of course. 

We've started living in the backyard again and even had a couple days it was too hot to do anything but play in water:

We've read books and shared our "mulk" with the babies:

We went to dinner with Uncle Allan and are crab cakes:

We still model our ski helmets,

talked to cows,

grew moustaches,

played with friends,

blew bubbles,

were threatened not to teach E new tricks,

broke out Christmas presents,

and have been quite distraught because yesterday "". 
In case you don't speak 2, that translates into "the Elmo balloon aunt Shannon got me for my birthday flew up in the sky because I carried it outside and let go."

Life lesson 1, in the books. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Melmo, Take 2

Easton loves Melmo almost as much as he loves his brothers, so it was an easy decision for the theme of his second birthday.  But, I also knew I wanted his cake to be specifically his - different from G's 2nd birthday cake. 

 Aun Poonkin and I scoured Pinterest for ideas, and finally came up with a design idea, which turned out being exactly what I wanted!
 It dumped rain until about an hour before the party, and then held off until it was almost cake time, so while it would have been nice to exclusively be outside, I'm not going to complain

 I think our final count was 41, including the 5 of us, so it was a full house, and a fun time!

Happy Birthday, Buddy!  I can't hardly believe you're 2!  You are SO loved!