Monday, May 12, 2014




What you're up to these days:

* You're 29.9 pounds (75%) and 34" (45%). I just looked and you're exactly the same height that Garrett was at 2, which is 2" shorter than Hudson!!, and 1.5 pounds less than G & 2 pounds more than H.)

*You wear size 2t clothes and a size 7 shoe.

* You're still pretty bald, but the hair you do have is very blonde with maybe a strawberry tint to it.  

* We're all but sure your eyes will stay blue and you'll be left handed.  

* You LOVE your brothers and want to be doing anything and everything they are doing. 

*You don't miss a beat! We can already joke around with you and you understand well beyond what you should.

*You'd live outside if I'd let you.

* You have a lot to say! You babble all the time and we can understand most of what you say.  If we doing then you're quick to say it over and over or show us what you're want.

*You're still an awesome sleeper - 8:30-9pm - 7:30am and I can usually get a 3 hour nap out of you.

* You love "ba-ball" and will play for as long as we'll let you.

* You hate going to the big boys' coach pitch games because you think you should be right out there with them.  

* Some of your words include: goggie (any stuffed animal), Hudsy, happle (apple), mahnah (banana), shit (sit)...we have fun with this one!, mulk, jus, tutu (choo-choo/train), hold it (when you want to be held), buh-t (book), melmo (elmo), ha-dog (mickey mouse...from the theme song "hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog...").

*Your laugh is contageous.

* 95% of the time you are a happy, happy guy!

Easton Beaston, you have been such a gift to our family and light up our worlds in ways we didn't know possible!  You are a strong-willed, stubborn, silly, smiley happy guy with a personality way too big for your 2 year old body!  I can not believe that you are already 2 . . . time is flying and I know the next time I blink you'll be turning 3.  We love you, buddy!  More than much! 

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