Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A "Mickey Choo-Choo" Party

We celebrated our big boy on Saturday evening after baseball games and naps!  A cold front was coming through and we knew there was imminent rain coming through around 4, but by 5:00 it had cleared out and turned out to be a beautiful evening!

Most of his little buddies came to play, eat, and play some more.  We were having so much fun, there were very few pictures taken, but the front yard looked like it had been overtaken with 4 year olds {and their big brothers . . . and a few sisters thrown in for good measure}.


As usual, Aunt Poonkin did an amazing job on his cake, even though she had to work and couldn't come up.  We scoured Pinterest and combined several things he liked, and she produced a masterpiece that tasted as good as it looked.  So grateful for a talented Aunt Poonkin!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016



You're FOUR!!

How did that happen already??!

What you're up to these days:

     * You weigh 46 pounds (95%), 41" (75%) and your head is in the 100th percentile! {no surprise there!}

     * You wear size 5T or 4/5 in boys and a size 12 shoe. And, often, you wear as little as possible. 

     * You LOVE your brothers and your Daddy . . . although you're still a Mommy's boy especially at bedtime.  

     * You're playing your first season of tball and you love it!
You won the game ball!!

     * You have lots of friends and are so proud that they're YOURS and not your brothers'!

     * You are quite independent and dress yourself every morning.  I just nod and smile. 

     * In the past year you got your glasses and just last week, learned how to ride the "big boy" bike without training wheels!  {Thank you, balance bike!}

     * You have several "cute" sayings: puh-du-der {computer}, harp {heart}, flip do dee flop {fruit by the foot}, foughtball {football}, snow cloud {snow plow}, hos-i-ble {hospital}, heliclopder {helicopter}, city cup {sippy cup}, and possibly my favorite, when you're done talking on the phone you "ring you up".  

     * You have more personality packed into your little body than I ever thought possible.  You're a total ham and will do {almost} anything to get a laugh out of someone.  

     * You're pretty sure you don't need a nap anymore . . . but a lot of days you end up "resting" like this.  

     * Your laugh is contagious and your smile can light up the room. 

I hope you never lose your zest for life, Beat.  You ARE my "shun-shine" and I hope you always have that effect on people you encounter.  I pray you don't let your {horrible} vision slow you down . . . although you might not have a future in the MLB . . . I hope whatever you decide to do when you "growed up" that you do it with the same passion you do life with today.  I love you, Eastie - more than much, and I can't wait to see what FOUR holds in store for you!  



Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Today, and every day, I am blessed to be called Mommy by these munchkins:

Last year I got to share "my" day with E as he turned 3, and this year I got to share it with my favorite four since their Daddy had to work.  We met him for lunch which was a nice treat {especially since they got to throw the football around the conference room in his trailer} and then we were home for naps, caterpillar catching, and lots of snuggles.

We're not huge on gifts for Mother's/Father's day, but the boys got me cards and made me some more this morning {and even delivered them to my "mailbox" . . . also known as a bread box. ha!}, and I got precious "gifts" from school:

Didn't know I had green hair, but we do enjoy cooking together and I do take care of him when he's sick.  Love him.

G cracked me up!  "5.2 Lady" ha!!; the shopping he refers to is actually GROCERY shopping, which I love about as much as any other shopping . . . which is not at all; I have NEVER forgotten him at school {WTF, kid?!}; and "the only thing in your purse is change!"  Truth!  So precious!
My "gifts" this year looked much like this : 

We took an impromptu trip to the pediatrician yesterday morning; E has impetigo and C {and Ethan} have Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease.  Happy Mother's Day to me!  Come visit over the next week and you'll leave smelling like Lysol and bleach.  True story.