Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Today, and every day, I am blessed to be called Mommy by these munchkins:

Last year I got to share "my" day with E as he turned 3, and this year I got to share it with my favorite four since their Daddy had to work.  We met him for lunch which was a nice treat {especially since they got to throw the football around the conference room in his trailer} and then we were home for naps, caterpillar catching, and lots of snuggles.

We're not huge on gifts for Mother's/Father's day, but the boys got me cards and made me some more this morning {and even delivered them to my "mailbox" . . . also known as a bread box. ha!}, and I got precious "gifts" from school:

Didn't know I had green hair, but we do enjoy cooking together and I do take care of him when he's sick.  Love him.

G cracked me up!  "5.2 Lady" ha!!; the shopping he refers to is actually GROCERY shopping, which I love about as much as any other shopping . . . which is not at all; I have NEVER forgotten him at school {WTF, kid?!}; and "the only thing in your purse is change!"  Truth!  So precious!
My "gifts" this year looked much like this : 

We took an impromptu trip to the pediatrician yesterday morning; E has impetigo and C {and Ethan} have Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease.  Happy Mother's Day to me!  Come visit over the next week and you'll leave smelling like Lysol and bleach.  True story.  

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