Tuesday, May 10, 2016



You're FOUR!!

How did that happen already??!

What you're up to these days:

     * You weigh 46 pounds (95%), 41" (75%) and your head is in the 100th percentile! {no surprise there!}

     * You wear size 5T or 4/5 in boys and a size 12 shoe. And, often, you wear as little as possible. 

     * You LOVE your brothers and your Daddy . . . although you're still a Mommy's boy especially at bedtime.  

     * You're playing your first season of tball and you love it!
You won the game ball!!

     * You have lots of friends and are so proud that they're YOURS and not your brothers'!

     * You are quite independent and dress yourself every morning.  I just nod and smile. 

     * In the past year you got your glasses and just last week, learned how to ride the "big boy" bike without training wheels!  {Thank you, balance bike!}

     * You have several "cute" sayings: puh-du-der {computer}, harp {heart}, flip do dee flop {fruit by the foot}, foughtball {football}, snow cloud {snow plow}, hos-i-ble {hospital}, heliclopder {helicopter}, city cup {sippy cup}, and possibly my favorite, when you're done talking on the phone you "ring you up".  

     * You have more personality packed into your little body than I ever thought possible.  You're a total ham and will do {almost} anything to get a laugh out of someone.  

     * You're pretty sure you don't need a nap anymore . . . but a lot of days you end up "resting" like this.  

     * Your laugh is contagious and your smile can light up the room. 

I hope you never lose your zest for life, Beat.  You ARE my "shun-shine" and I hope you always have that effect on people you encounter.  I pray you don't let your {horrible} vision slow you down . . . although you might not have a future in the MLB . . . I hope whatever you decide to do when you "growed up" that you do it with the same passion you do life with today.  I love you, Eastie - more than much, and I can't wait to see what FOUR holds in store for you!  



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