Saturday, April 16, 2016

Opening Day

Opening Day festivities were postponed a week due to the nasty weather, and it certainly was the right call.  We all came home filthy and exhausted, with sunkissed cheeks.

Here are some snapshots of our day:

Color coordinated brothers.
{and maybe a little shout out to Carson-Newman!} ;-)

Colsie had to get in on the action, too.  

Opening Day ceremonies - Coach Chip herding our friends out onto the field.
{I have a video of the big boys being announced but couldn't get any pictures as they ran out too quickly and were in the 2nd row on the field.

 Harper sharing her sucker and my favorite baseball moms.

Then we were home for a quick bathroom break and off to the first game.  

 {He's already got the strut to home place as well as the "yank on my shirt before I swing" downpat for when he goes pro.}

 After a couple strikes, H had a big hit that got him to first.  2 batters later he came on home!!

rounding 3rd
 And of course, even when the ball is still in the outfield, if the opportunity arises, one must always slide home.

This was the only pic I got of G since I had to go into the opponent's dugout to see his face. :) He did get on base later in the game.  :)
Emmy loves her some Colsie!  And sweet tball friends snacking together after their big brothers' game.

 We picked up lunch, came home and ate, some of us {coughRichcough} caught a power nap, and then we were off to Eastie's game.


Having your Daddy as a first base coach has it's perks.  
 I think he played the whole game with his mouth open.  Ha!

And sometimes, when you're waiting for a ball to come your way, you spend the down time filling your glove with dirt and dumping it out.  HA!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Play Ball! (ed. 2)

The day has finally arrived!!  E is old enough to play tball like his brothers!  He's been waiting for this day for, literally, his whole life considering her was born during G's first tball season!

circa fall 2013

He's playing for the Mudhens this spring with several of his good buddies!  Opening day and therefore our first game was rained out, but we "scrimmaged" the other team during our practice time on Tuesday night.  They thought they were big stuff.

It's been several years since we had an "average" 3/4 year old playing baseball . . . you forget just how awkward and clueless they are in the beginning.  But OMG . . . adorable!

Daddy is one of the assistant coaches since he couldn't commit to head coaching 2 teams, but Coach Mike is a good 2nd choice.  

waving at "his baby" . . . because what else do you do when you're playing first?

"Coach" and "Daddy" overlap sometimes

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

15 months


You are FIFTEEN months old!!!

Your poor college fund has become a therapy fund, as I'm sure the lack of monthly posts and even pictures taken will eventually scar your precious little self.  Mommy is so sorry.  If intentions counted, your birth story would already be written and published. 

What you're up to these days :

 * You're about 31" tall and I'd guess 24ish pounds.  I will update once I make your well check appointment and have exact measurements.  Again, sorry for the slacking.  Update: you're 30.5" (30%) and 23.12 pounds (45%), and your head is 19.75" (98%!)

* You wear 12/18 month clothes and a size 5 shoe.  And sometimes the bare minimum.

* You are still an amazing sleeper!!!  8:30-8 every night and a 3 hour nap in the early afternoon!  You're definitely my favorite in this category!!

* You LOVE your brothers and are the happiest when the house is at its craziest!

* You say "Da" which usually refers to Daddy and occasional "Ma Ma" but I'm not convinced you're actually meaning me yet.  

* You sign "more", "all done", and sometimes "milk".

* You are so busy!  I'd love to stick a pedometer on you one day and clock how many steps you actually take.  

* You're still on your reflux meds...Prevacid in the morning and Zantac at night.  As long as you're on them you're happy . . . and despite my efforts to wear you off a couple months ago, you quickly proved you still need them.  

* You climb stairs like a rock star and we're working on going down.  You usually go down 2-3 on your belly and then stand up to be carried the rest of the way.  

* You eat anything and everything, especially if your Daddy or brothers are eating it.  Their plates taste much better than yours, apparently.  

* We're still nursing at least 2 and sometimes 3 times a day.  

* You LOVE your "plug".  Such an odd concept that I can give it to you if you're fussy and it usually stops the whining in it's tracks, as none of the other boys ever took one this long. 

* You love music and dance whenever you hear a beat.  You also love balls, hats and utensils.  We go with it . . . 

You are SO loved, Cols! We can't imagine our world without your smile and beautiful blue eyes lighting it up!  We love you more than much!!