Thursday, April 14, 2016

Play Ball! (ed. 2)

The day has finally arrived!!  E is old enough to play tball like his brothers!  He's been waiting for this day for, literally, his whole life considering her was born during G's first tball season!

circa fall 2013

He's playing for the Mudhens this spring with several of his good buddies!  Opening day and therefore our first game was rained out, but we "scrimmaged" the other team during our practice time on Tuesday night.  They thought they were big stuff.

It's been several years since we had an "average" 3/4 year old playing baseball . . . you forget just how awkward and clueless they are in the beginning.  But OMG . . . adorable!

Daddy is one of the assistant coaches since he couldn't commit to head coaching 2 teams, but Coach Mike is a good 2nd choice.  

waving at "his baby" . . . because what else do you do when you're playing first?

"Coach" and "Daddy" overlap sometimes

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