Monday, December 1, 2014

Frozen...On Ice

Waaaaay back in March, maybe, I saw that Frozen was going to be local to us for a Disney on Ice event and I knew some munchkins who would love it.  As luck would have it, as the date neared, their love of Frozen waned . . . and of course E became obsessed.  I went back and forth but figured, while he would enjoy it, the bigs would get the most out of it.  So E got to have a Daddy date, and Oma and I took the bigs.  {I'm sure there was nothing she would've rather been doing for her birthday. haha}

They thoroughly enjoyed it, and although some "major" parts were left out, my detail - minded friends enjoyed it anyway.  

We all really enjoyed the show, the skating and singing, and maybe especially the half-million dollar snowcones they talked Oma into buying them . . .