Saturday, September 17, 2011


...on a Saturday.  Whoops.

Last Friday we braved the rain and went and played at Loudon Sport Bounce.  Fun, fun, fun!  And a WONDERFUL place to burn off some extra energy...especially after being cooped up for the last week!

Luckily he was free.  Since, you know, he spent most of his time playing in a $5 bucket.

After playing, we braved the rain some more and met Daddy at our favorite lunch place - The Lost Dog Cafe.  Yu-um!  And the best part?  It was still raining, which meant we got to walk up the street with our "barellas".  Exciting stuff. 

I don't know what day this was, but the child had been awake for 10 minutes.  And the room did NOT look like this when he woke up.

Here are some more shots from the Redskins game on Sunday.
Tailgating with Jeff Gordon and Light My Queen

The marching band was definitely a highlight.


 These little flags provided HOURS of entertainment....

We spent A LOT of time outside this week since the monsoon had finally stopped.  Did a little chalk drawing/writing...
"Look, Mommy!  I drawed a O!"  He's a genius.

...and some chalk-eating.  Ugh.

We spent one morning at the park.  Hudson loves the has stairs instead of a ladder.  Which is nice, but also allows little monkey-people to help themselves up.  These were all taken at my eye-level.  Did I mention I'm 5'10"?

This is the one that acts as evidence of why I just might not survive him.  There are 3 slides - side by side - and crazy man decided he'd like to try out the tallest.  Luckily, he turned around and came back down the stairs, but still.  The thought that, at almost 15 months, he WANTS to climb 10+ feet in the air makes me a little nervous for the upcoming years.

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  1. Looks like the sports bounce is a great place for kids and adults!!!!

    thanks for letting me peek in!!!

  2. He's fearless! My son used to dive bomb off the ottoman. Oy.

    Over from Life Rearranged- love your blog design and colors! :D

  3. Beautiful family! Love the name of your blog. Mine too! :) thanks so much for linking up this weekend!