Friday, September 2, 2011


I'm thinking I like this "unload all the cell phone pics once a week" game.  =)

*First, we have the superhero belts to match the superhero capes seen in my last post.

* Then on Thursday, we have 2 silly boys playing on our bed.  I was trying to take a picture of H with his new Ravens outfit to send to his Ravens fan Godparents.  Out of about 10 tries, this is what I kept getting:
 Finally, a cute one.  Although it's blurry since wild man rarely stops moving.
{we won't mention that I got fussed at when we met Rich for our lunch date that I shouldn't have put him in it today since the Redskins played the same night.  How DARE I not keep up with my pre{or regular}-season schedule.}

* Next we have a silly 3 1/2 year old who decided it'd be pretty funny to wear his brother's bib for breakfast.  Such a goof.  =)
* Then today, we went to the park to meet some new friends, and G decided he'd try the Big Boy Swings!  He was nervous, but did well...for the 15 seconds he stayed on it. 

Houdini, here, apparently doesn't recognize he's barely 1.  And therefore shouldn't be sliding by himself.  At least this slide is small.  He has been known to climb up and go down a 5 foot slide.  Unassisted {except for the catching/stopping by Mom at the end}.  Seriously.  This kid just might do me in. 

*And this afternoon, like most, an example of why I vacuum and mop.  Daily. {but apparently don't pick up potty seats after the crazy one unloads the diaper bag in the middle of the dining room floor.}

Seriously, Hudson.  It's okay to keep your feet on the floor. 
 Happy Friday!

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  1. Love the superhero belts!! Have seen capes before but not belts! Cute.

  2. Super cute belts! You see capes all the time but never the belts. Very creative!

  3. The bib with the spiderman suit cracks me up! And I love seeing Monkey on the slide (in pictures, of course...if I'd been there I woulda been a nervous wreck!)!