Thursday, September 1, 2011


Well, it only took me a week {and a crazy one at that} to get back on here. 

as I said in my last post, I made a "Super Garrett" cape for my little superhero, as well as his 2 best buddies.  And they turned out sooooo cute!! 

Garrett has worn his pretty much every home, to Lincoln & Charlie's house, to the store, to lunch with Daddy {completing his self-chosen outfit of red shorts, his Romp n' Roll tye-dyed shirt and the Super G matching belt I made to go along with the cape.  Oh, he was a sight for sore {VERY sore} eyes.}.  I apparently don't have any pictures of the belt(s)...coming soon. 

G is quite enamored with superheros right now...Superman, Batman, Captain America...I'm discovering how much "boy" stuff I missed out on coming from a family of only girls.  {*gasp* I didn't even know there was a Captain America.  Shhhh.  Don't tell my boys!}

But what fun superheros are.  They can run:
They can jump:
They can "take off":

And yes, that's a baby bottle brush in his hand.  I don't know either.

You can even run circles {literally} around your little brother:

...which is pretty freaking funny!

And when you get 3 superheros together, what is fun, you might ask?  Why...running up stairs, of course!!

Silly boys.

{you can buy your own personalized cape for the little superhero in your life at:}

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