Friday, August 26, 2011

Our Week in phone pics

There are many days, with the best of intentions, I never take my camera out.  Since my cell phone is usually in my pocket or near by, many memories are captured on it.  While not wonderful quality, here is our week in cell phone pictures:

Last Saturday we spent the day on the boat with the Wertses.  A good time was had by all {in case you couldn't tell!}.

 On Sunday, it was rainy, so we were inside most of the day.  The boys played really well together.  Maybe too well.
Our $13 tent/ball pit, which was honestly played in every single day since Garrett bought it for Hudson for his birthday was the sole causality of the day.  And what the causality it was.  =(

On Monday, apparently nothing exciting {with the exception of the "nerd" post above} happened, hence, the absence of pictures.

On Tuesday, Garrett and I had a "date" {while Hudson ran poor Julia to death!} at his opthamologist...with a wonderful outcome.  After almost exactly a year of daily patching of his eye(s), they have improved enough that we NO LONGER HAVE TO PATCH!!!   WOO-HOO!!  The initial patching (6ish hours a day!) was to strengthen his muscles to resist the exotropia {muscles pulling his eyes out}.  He did so well with that, we were able to reduce the time per day at the beginning of the year.  Once we got moved and went for our initial appointment with the opthamologist up here, Dr. M put him in glasses, feeling that we had probably strengthened the muscles adequately, and hoping that the glasses - giving his eyes a sharper image - would help his brain keep the {now strong muscles} from wandering.  Apparently that was the case, because as of Tuesday morning, we are officially PATCH FREE!!!  {unless they start wandering again...but we won't go there!}

On Tuesday afternoon, during the normally peaceful/quiet/calm nap time, we had an earthquake!!  I was sitting on the couch watching something on tv and crocheting {more on that to come} when I started hearing a rumble and felt a shaking.  My first thought was that it was a truck outside.  Then as the sound got louder, my next thought was a plane crashing {as we live only 5 miles from Dulles}.  Then the whole house was shaking...and still I sat....wondering..."is this an earthquake??!"  ha!  We sustained no damage, but the pictures on the walls were rattling and left crooked, a few things fell off of G's dresser, and water was sloshing back and forth in the aquarium {the 75 gallon aquarium!!} enough that it was actually coming out of the tank!  {I just took the following pictures, but you can see how cocked the top picture - which I still haven't climbed up on the couch to straighten - is.}
Excuse me while I go straighten all of these.  This is now driving me crazy.

This shows the one corner of the aquarium...the black patch on the rear glass is where water went down in between the glass and the black background paper.  And you can see how low the water was to begin with!  Crazy. 

On Wednesday, our friends came over to play for the morning.  4 sweet boys {and a creepy looking Dora in the background!!}

There were no pictures from Thursday.  We ran a few errands and didn't do anything too exciting.  Except have a few battles of will.  I think I lost.  Oh, I did make a few superhero capes for our best of those to come!  Oh, and I was introduced to the use of Little Brother's bib as a hat.  "Look, Mommy.  I'm a lifeguard!"  ???  Maybe a visor?  I dunno.

And today, Friday, other than a spontaneous pattern lesson at breakfast, all was quiet.
I love how his brain works.

Happy Weekend, folks! And batten down the hatches...sounds like Irene is going to wallop the shore!

{I'm a couple days late, but I just came across this linky party over at Life. rearranged. yay!}
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  1. What would we do without cell phones to capture our children!! luv the pics!!!

  2. Ha Ha! Great pics. But Dora is going to KILL YOU!