Friday, September 30, 2011


InstaFriday {Phone Dump Friday!}

I missed posting last week because we were partying with my cousin and her adorable new husband at their wedding.  Aren't they just precious?!  {Credit for this amazing pic goes to my favorite Aunt Dana!}

And now, without further adieu, my collection of phone dump pictures from the past 2 weeks {in no particular order}:

I'm in the kitchen and hear a few thuds.  This is what I find when I go to investigate.  *sigh*

 Playing hide & seek in the closet with their cousins {G's behind Lilly in the closet!}

Climbing.  Imagine that.

Sliding with Trey.

 He never stops.

Apparently Cheerios taste better when dumped out of your snack cup and into the dog bowl.  Yum.
A new hiding place.  {sigh, again}

We drew another hop scotch in the driveway this week.  G couldn't quite grasp why the rain washed the other one away.  But...he's totally got the hang of it.  Super cute!  And in between eating chalk and sticks, Hudson even gave it a try.  He's almost got jumping down.  Not sure that's a good thing.

We didn't get back into town from the wedding and the PA until late Sunday night, so Monday morning, Mommy was tired.  I took full advantage of G enjoying watching television in my bed {and H sleeping his normal 13 hours!!}.  So, when G woke up, I brought him in my room, turned on Sprout, and proceeded to doze back off.  About 20 minutes later when I awoke, this was my view.  Apparently tv wasn't enough to keep him occupied.  He needed an airplane, too!

And finally, Hudson had his 15 month check-up this week.  All looked great!  Dr. K spent about 10 minutes in the room with us, asked all the normal questions and said he was perfect.  "But obviously quite busy."  Um, yes.  Commented on all of his "marks" - bruises, scratches, and just marks.  And then asked if the house was "relatively childproofed".  ha!  Until Hudson, I would have said undoubtedly YES!  It's totally childproofed.  He, however, seems to find trouble around every corner.  This is obviously what he meant.  Then, as he left the room and H was climbing back up into the chair for the 3rd time, he looked at me, smiled, and said, "Good Luck."  Wow.  Don't know that I ever expected to hear that from a pediatrician! 

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  1. Those boys look busy! What a fun season of life you are in. Enjoyed my visit from Insta-Friday. Have a great weekend!