Thursday, October 13, 2011


I'm having such a good time with my big boy these days.  I love watching him learn and soak up everything he can.  Just this afternoon, he started counting the seats in our living room.  2 on the love seat and 3 on the couch.  I have no idea what started that. 

I also love the way he says certain things.  And so many of these phrases I secretly hope he says forever.  Or at least for a while.

Garrett-isms at 3 1/2:

* lasterday {any time period in the past.  Yesterday, last year, or 3 minutes ago.  It's all "Lasterday."}

* "We love ev-each-udder."  {usually talking about Hudson...we love each other}

* A common phrase around here is, "When I grow up and after I be a superhero, ... ".
* "tackle Redskins" {anytime he and Daddy play football they play "tackle Redskins"}

*  I still love o-ba-skay & o-ba-jay {spaghetti & pb&j, respectively}

* I LOVE how he shows us his muscles:

* His Mimi bought him "Tangled"...which he loves. But he calls it "Tangles". And how might you watch "Tangles" you might ask? Well, on the "divity-divity-dot-com-channel" of course. ( ha!

* When he has a good idea, and wants you to join him in giving a "thumbs-up", he'll say, "Okay.  Now put up your thumb, close one eye."  ha!

* We watch: "Mickey-Mickeyhouse" {Mickey Mouse Clubhouse}; "Clue's Clues" {Blue's Clues}; and "Mesame Street" {Sesame Street}

* We sometimes eat at "Old McDonald's".

* When he rides on your back, it's a "piggy piggy ride".

* You brush your teeth with "Poo-taste".

I'm sure there are plenty more, but since I've been "editing" this post for 11 days (and haven't posted anything else in that time. Geesh.  Bad blogger.) I'll hit publish and come back and add more as I hear/remember them.

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  1. I hope that we never stop talking about eating o-ba-jays lasterday. And the divity-divity-dot-com-channel cracks me up every time.