Wednesday, October 10, 2012

5 months

Easton!  You're 

What you're up to these days: 
* You've had a growth spurt this month, and although we only go to the doctor for shots {no measurements} I'd guess you're at least 26" and 18 pounds.
* Your 6 month clothes almost don't fit and we've already packed all 6 month sleepers away.  6-9 and 9 month sleepers are fitting now.  
* You want to be a big boy so badly and are moments away from sitting unassisted. 

* You are a busy little dude.  You roll from front to back as well as back to front, and if I put you in the floor to play and come back 4 minutes later you're never where I left you.

* You still sleep pretty well.  You take a good nap in the afternoon with the big boys {woot!} and several short naps during the day.  Most nights we're up at least once and you sleep the best beside me in the big bed.  

*  You're a smiley little guy and your smile can just light up the room.

* You got your first tooth {bottom right front} yesterday.  None of you boys made it to 5 months with a toothless smile!
* Your brothers are so in love with you and you are loved hard

I hope you 3 are always as close and love each other as much as you do right now.  We love you, Munchkin, to the moon and back!

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