Sunday, September 30, 2012


I'm such a freak.  Acknowledgement is the first step.

So, I've been fostering my creative outlet, The Caffeinated Mommy, for about a year and a half now.  The etsy store {} is doing pretty well, and I go in spurts of creating . . . stuff.

I guess it was about a year ago, a customer in Florida bought a bib & burp cloth set I had listed.  She loved it so much, she contact me to make several more sets for her.  No big deal. 

A month or so later, she contacted me again with a request.  She wanted a newborn gown {which I had listed as an item made to order} and a hospital gown for her to match.  I found a hospital gown pattern online, agreed to do it, and after several days of hemming and hawing over it, finally started sewing.  I blogged about it here {yet another creative outlet which has been neglected} but long story short, I was super psyched with the outcome and have made several hospital gowns since.

i think it's safe to say she likes black & white damask.

 this order went to NYC!

sweet Baby R.
So, about a month ago, I get an email.  Baby N is going to be christened, and she contacted me again.  {see where this is going?!} "Oh yes!  Of COURSE I can make a christening gown/romper for him!  I'd just love to!!  Hell, let's throw in a blanket to match."  Because, you see, I've sewn SOOOO many satin-y rompers before.  And just as many blankets.  With satin binding.  And because I'm freaking insane.

This crazy thing has completely monopolized my life ever since.  Fast-forward 3 weeks, countless hours in front of my machine, numerous phone calls to Mom {who actually CAN sew}, a few YouTube viewings, a little blood, many tears, and a few bottles of wine, and we have :

I am quite pleased with it, or at least I would be if I could bear to look at it anymore.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't going to remotely wish it was staying here so I could pull it out and look at it {someday} because it looks that good, but I will also be the crazy lady doing a little happy dance when I drop it off at the post office in the morning.  There will be no need to call for help.

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