Friday, September 7, 2012

Phone Dump Friday

I have great intentions of playing catch-up this weekend with the blog.  I have a ton of pictures from our 9 day, 1,409.9 mile, 5 state journey from the past week.  But, until then, the past month + of phone pics :

I was escaping to the store alone one day while Daddy kept the boys.  Hudson {who was being super clingy and not napping} had other ideas.

Silly monkey {wearing tiger ears}

Taking a picture of a smiling boy.  And a photobomb by H.

 "Yook, Mommy.  Huson cool dude!"

E loves bath time with his brother.  

"Mommy.  Huson guck."  Really, dude??!

Helping E try out his jumper for the first time.


Summertime popsicle appetizers.


We took a walk one evening for a little Sweet Frog.

 My boys.

I took the boys to a local school one day to ride bikes and play on the playground.  A whole playground of equipment and this is where the monkey chose to play.  

 Daddy & G went to PA for the weekend, so mommy got some extra special time with a cuddly 2 year old.

There might have been a little child labor involved.  In snow boots, of course!

Mid-August, G had to have surgery on his eyes.  He'd been asking for a Buzz Lightyear whose wings popped out, helmet closed, and had a laser with the button in the right spot {not picky at all}.  We had it waiting in the carseat for him to distract him the morning of the surgery.  {it totally worked . . . I tried to tell him about what was going to happen, but all he wanted to talk about was what Buzz could do!} ha!

Waiting for surgery.  And hopefully the last picture EVER of his left eye "floating".

A few pre-op shots.  With Buzz, of course.

And the after.  Not so bad.

Hudson went home with Oma for a few days to give the patient a break, so we had some special treats . . . including some frozen yogurt for lunch one day.  Yum.  Sometimes it's fun to break the rules.  

Easton has recently found his thumb.  Blast!  G saw me taking a picture of him and decided to join in.  :)

So cute, but now I'm going to have 3 children missing appendages one day when I have to cut them off to get them to stop sucking said appendages.  

E helping me cook dinner one night.

I love how he's spit out the pacifier to get the thumb.  Silly boy.

The big boys fighting over who gets to vacuum the kitchen after haircuts.

After surgery, G wasn't allowed to take baths for several day. One morning I threw him in the shower with me and {long} after I got out, this is what I saw.

The munchkin outgrew his cradle . . . sniff . . . so his brothers helped him check out his new {wait for it . . .} crib. 
har har har

On the first leg of the journey I mentioned, we were at about hour #8 when we got stuck in traffic. 2 miles in an hour kind of traffic. So, after a little Chinese fire drill action, we got some wiggles out, changed diapers, and moved E's seat so the big boys could see the {only working} DVD screen better.  Gotta love the Suburban!

While on said journey, I got to see one of my dearest friends from college!  Love her!

Our last day in Ohio . . . GG with great-grand #8 {out of 9}.

This would be the inners of a certain 4 1/2 year old's mouth.  As I type this, the front right tooth is {barely} hanging on by a thread and the new tooth is all the way through. Perfect emotional end to an emotional weekend.  My baby's growing up.

We hung out with Oma for the week and got to see my godmother, Amy.  

Amy was born 32,887 days before Easton.
{90 years & 15 days}

And finally, proof that even with his craziness, he can be just as meticulous as his big brother.

Happy Friday!

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