Friday, September 14, 2012

Last Friday

Last Friday {September 7, 2012} one Garrett James Evans had quite the eventful day.

First, he went to his first day of preschool.  And loved it!

While it appears he might be practicing his pledge of allegiance, he's really just playing with his pirate.  And of course H had to join in on the fun!

Such a big boy. sniff

This one still makes me tear up.

The little boys and I went to the library and basically killed time until the 2 hours of his abbreviated day were over.  By the looks of the smile :

 . . . it was a success! He was quite excited to tell me about getting to play on the playground, eating crackers, and using the boys' bathroom.  Wow.  Glad I'm paying big bucks for that!  ;-)

So, then we get home and over lunch, read one of our library books:

After lunch, I was changing Hudson before nap, when I hear him, "Mommy!  Look!"

He comes running into H's room and smiles . . . the loose tooth is laying on it's side.  As H says, I've got "poop eh-a-wear" so I tell him to hold on just a second. {lovely visual, eh?}

Before I can even get a new diaper on, much less wash my hands, he has the tooth in his!

Even though he had just hung up telling his Daddy about school, we had to call back and tell him it was out!

Needless to say, nap time was sabotaged so bedtime came early.  We had talked about the tooth fairy coming and bringing him money for his tooth, but quite honestly, if he were an only child I don't know that we would have even done the whole tooth fairy thing.  He was so not into it, and was determined she would not come in his room.  Fair enough.  So, around rolls Friday night, G goes to bed, and his tooth, in his newly made tooth pillow from Oma, rest . . .

 . . . in the hallway outside his door.

And while we weren't excited about the tooth fairy coming, and are too young to fully understand it's coolness, G is the proud recipient of a crisp, new, $2 bill!

Hopefully today will be a much less eventful day!

Happy Friday!

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