Friday, October 12, 2012

Phone Dump Friday

It's been a while. Between sewing the romper from hell and immense amounts of snot nasal mucus taking hold of our home for the past 2 weeks, there hasn't been much time for extras.  Blogging is apparently in this category. 

More often than not, this is how I fix dinner:

But, with a smile like this, he kinda' gets what he wants.  :)

 The Tooth Fairy's goods.

We've been enjoying the nice weather and E even got to try out the big boy swings.

We took a trip to Pa for the weekend and got to see some friends.

"Yook, Mommy!  Huson-huson take off Huson shoes."  Almost, Buddy.

 This guy . . .

 . . . completes me.

 I cleaned out the diaper bag.

 We've played with playdoh . . . and I gritted my teeth while he mixed colors.

Sweet snuggles . . . and evidence of why all the necklines of my shirts are stretched out.

A thank you pic for our cloth diaper convertor. 

Be still my heart.

 Throwing leaves outside the library on a Friday night.

We're going with a Toy Story theme for Halloween this year.  One little man was quite excited when his costume came in.

"Mommy, Huson-huson picture. Huson-huson cheese!"
Not quite his Halloween costume, but pretty stinking cute nonetheless.
 He wanted to try on Buzz, too.

 Most of our pictures are a blur these days.  The munchkin doesn't stay still long anymore.

Daddy went with some friends to the Nascar race in Dover a few weeks ago, where he had his picture taken with Lightening McQueen.  Buzz and the firefighter were quite impressed!

A brotherly lunch date.

Hudson's preferred method of donut eating.

Frozen GoGurt . . . it's what's for dessert!

We had a picnic at Gs school last week . . . too bad it had rained the night before so we were all crammed inside.  Everyone had fun, though!

We hit up a pumpkin patch last week.  {shhh . . . don't tell G!}

 One of my favorites!

 We played a little driveway baseball.

 The other night, I discovered that Easton's first tooth had finally come through, so everyone, of course, had to check it out.  Hudson decided {multiple times!} he needed to check out Mommy's "new toof".  ha!

E was being especially smiley the other morning, so I got the phone out to capture some . . .

. . . and then there were 2 . . .

. . . and then a different 2 . . .
I love how E's looking at G!

And then there were 3.

The End.  :)

Happy Friday!

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  1. awe such sweet baby and kiddo pix! happy friday, popping over from liferearranged:)