Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Punkin Face

We spent Sunday evening at the dining room table carving our pumpkin.  {and by "we", I mostly mean me}  :)  H kept calling it a "punkin face". 

G, with a little input from H, decided on the shape of his eyes and nose and that he should have a "mouth like me . . . with his toof missing."  ha!

The finished product is lovely, if I do say so myself :

but of course the process was the most fun!

 "Ewww Mommy!  It yucky!"

 I kept telling H to pull the stuff out.  And he did . . . seed by seed.

 Proof that hell froze over and G actually put his hand inside the pumpkin!  I was so impressed . . . even though after about 4 grabs he needed to go wash his hands.  Ha!

 E had to get in on the action, too

And of course it went straight to his mouth.
 Mimi saving him.

Sweet brothers.


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