Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was rather low-key around here this year.  We trick-or-treated to the 5 or 6 neighbors we know (and met a new one!) and then handed out some candy once we got back.  We were pretty disappointed we didn't have more trick-or-treaters...G was really into handing out the candy, but after about 15 treaters (6 of whom were entirely too old to be treating!) we turned off the lights.  Oh well, maybe next year will be better!

But, we did have a pretty cute banana and an adorable {and rather calm!} monkey here at our house.


The monkey did decide to throw himself in the floor at a neighbor's house - who was trying to take a picture of them - and sob because he didn't want to sit still {great first impression there,  H!  I tell ya!}

G was quite thrilled every time someone would put something in his bag.  After every stop, we heard:
"Thank, you!...Happy Halloween!...Mommy!  Look what he/she gived me!" 

Love this one!!

We also had a special email go out Halloween morning...


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