Thursday, April 19, 2012


This past Saturday we had several "firsts" happening around here.

We got up and moving Saturday morning to attend the "Back to Baseball" event put on by the HYOB League to kick off baseball season.  All the teams were announced and marched in to watch a short ceremony including presentation of the Color Guard, the throwing out of the first pitch, and singing of Take Me Out to the Ball Game. 

Unfortunately, Oma, Hudson, and I missed most of the ceremony {we left after they paraded in} to head to the pediatrician.  Hudson had been fussy and not himself for a week or so, but he'd had a cold, too, so it wasn't really a surprise.  Friday afternoon after Oma got here with the dogs, I ran a few errands {ALONE!!} and when I got home, Hudson was inconsolable.  He only wanted to be held, and cried.  He had no fever and the only poking/prodding that I could get a response from was when I touched behind his ear.  Of course, this was at about 6:00pm on a Friday.  Naturally. 

So, we considered Urgent Care, but after consulting Dr. Google, we tried a dose of Acetaminophen first.  Within an hour, we had our Hudson back!  We made it through the night with only one wake up for some pain killers, so after the kids paraded in, we headed out.  45 minutes later we walked out of the pediatrician's office with an official diagnosis of an ear infection and a prescription in hand for some good ole Amoxicillan.  She was in complete disbelief that not only was he almost 22 months old and this is his first antibiotic - EVER, but also that after almost 6 collective years of parenting, this was also our first ear infection.  Not too shabby.

We got the medicine filled and then headed home, shoved some food down their throats and put them both down for a quick nap.  And then it was off to G's FIRST t-ball game! {If this weekend is any indication, I think our days of lazy Saturday's are a thing of the past . . . especially once there are 3 of them with games.  Oy.}

Our first game was against the Red Wings.  And it was precious. 

It was certainly a crazy day, but a good one, too!

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