Friday, July 13, 2012

Phone Dump Friday

Between 2 bouts of sick boys, 49 1/2 hours of no power, R working 15 hour days 7 days a week, and a spontaneous trip to Mom's where my children lost their minds and forgot how to sleep, I'm not really sure where the past few weeks have gone.  Luckily, my "green phone" as G calls it was sometimes handy.

Hudson wanted to make sure E didn't get bored.

Such a sweet brother!

By the 3rd night of no power, the fans powered by the borrowed generator weren't keeping things cool anymore.  We had cords running throughout the house but still had hot babies.

Sweet boy.

We laid low on the 4th since Rich had to work {boo!} and posed for some pictures before heading out to the pool.  And speaking of, for those counting, this is #3 of the season.  #1 survived our Memorial Day picnic thanks to duct tape, so it doesn't really count since it started the season with holes.  #2 was great . . . until my husband's dog used it to launch himself off the deck after a squirrel.  Poor squirrel didn't stand a chance.  :/

 Daddy did get to come meet us in a parking lot for Herndon's fireworks.  Total crap shot but it ended up being pretty good for viewing.  And by that point there was no way in hell I was going to start hiking into the dark abyss with 3 boys alone to view them closer . . . especially since I wasn't sure they'd like them to begin with.

Alas, they were a hit!

By Thursday {5th} I was exhausted, frustrated because R was having to work so much, and losing patience quickly with the boys.  Honing my excellent culinary skills, the boys had grilled cheese, grapes, and blueberries for dinner while I had a bottle of wine with the only utensil being a toothpick.  I am not lying when I say they ate better, and more quietly, than they had in weeks.  I promptly threw out all of our silverware.  Kidding.

 G finished his swim lessons by 'crawling like a crab' out of the pool.  He did so well! Although we've now entered the really scary phase.  He knows he can swim {slightly}, yet still has no fear.  Yeah . . . that's fun.

Sweet 6 week old blue eyed baby . . . 
. . . with such a sweet smile!

It's been hot. 

We usually wait until after the big boys are in bed before baths.  It's so much easier, drier, quicker, and quieter that way.

And, because I'm a freak and am completely thrilled with the following . . .

When we started cloth diapering, I was told that if there was any staining - especially for the exclusively breastfed yellow/orange poop stains - all I'd have to do is put the diapers out in the sun for a bit.  Well, my friends, "they" did not lie.  This was just from today - a day that wasn't terribly sunny after only a couple hours.  Seriously.  There isn't even a faint resemblance of a stain. 
I totally can't wait for him to stain more. 


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