Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Slices of Life

I'm baaaaaack!  Finally I have a new computer {thank you, tax returns!} and although haven't messed with it much {what moron thought windows 8 was a good idea??!}, I will soon figure out how to get pictures off the camera {perfect timing since the memory card is full!} and get caught up on the past 3 months. 

Until then, here are a few things that the boys have been saying recently that I don't want to forget.  I saw a "Slices of Life" entry on another blog and thought it was cute, so I'm totally stealing that idea  {and if I ever come across or remember where I saw it, I'll give her{?} credit!}

* {H} ~ "Mommy!  That yight is hot!"

* After I asked Hudson how old he was and he held out his hands as he said "two-half!", Garrett said, "Mommy.  That silly Hudson.  He put out his 2 five hands to say he was 2!"

* {G} If we're lost we can ask for ca-rections.

* We took Rich to the "hairport" today so he could leave on a "hairplane".  {H}

* Garrett is our thumb sucker and has always sucked it when he's tired or after eating something sweet.  A few weeks ago he had a cold and I had given him some cough syrup.  A little later, he came out of his room to tell me, "Mommy.  After I took my medicine, I sucked my thumb to mix it up."

* Garrett got a Nabi tablet for this birthday, so we have delved into the world of electronics and "video" games.  Angry birds was pre-loaded and I'd been playing it one day during nap time :) .  Upon turning it back on that afternoon, it was still on the screen, so he played it for a little while.  {Sidenote: how in the hell did he know what Angry Birds was even though he - nor I - had ever played it before??!} The next day while I was cooking dinner, I hear from the living room: "Hudson.  Let's play Angry Birds.  You stand still and I"ll jump on you."

* After a random, nasty sounding cough, I aasked, "Hudson!  Where did that cough come from?"
{H}~ "It comed from my mouf."

* After fussing at G {again!} for jumping around on the living room furniture, "But Mommy! I'm superman and superman can fly!"

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