Monday, June 13, 2016

The End {of baseball season}

Saturday was jam packed with 2 baseball games and subsequent parties, celebrating the end of the 2016 season!  We had another wonderful season with great coaches and lots of growth for all involved.  As great as it was, this momma is ready for a break!

Colson and I went to E's game, which - of course - was at the exact same time as the big boys'. During the 3rd inning, he and Emmy got to bat first and run the bases, then we high-tailed it over to HMS to the bigs' game.


 We got to the field in time to see both boys get a hit, just before the game ended.  We made our way toward the school, in search of shade, to have ice cream cones and trophies.  We also made the team balls as we have in seasons past, which everyone seemed to love.

2016 Machine Pitch Royals
Rich and Chip were the "official" coaches, but we had some great, involved dads helping with every game!

Then, it was off to E's end of season party at Mellow Mushroom.  Rich and the bigs met us there - a nice surprise since we weren't sure times would match up.

2016 T-ball Mudhens

While Saturday officially concluded our season, beginning with Machine Pitch, there's an All Star game on Sunday afternoon.  Each of the 6 MP teams chose 4 players and then we were divided into 2 teams.  With the assistance of the other coaches, Garrett was chose to be on the All Star team, along with Danilo, Luke, and Benjamin.  He's come a long way this season and was definitely one of our most reliable players.  To say he was thrilled was an understatement.

As excited as G was, this little guy was just as sad.  He wanted to be out there too, and watched the whole game from the bench/fence.  :( Hard mommy moment for sure.

This guy loves playing catcher.  My knees hurt just watching him.. Ha!

 2 turns at bat and he got 2 hits!  Not too shabby!

2016 Machine Pitch All Star Champions!

Until next year . . .

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