Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christmas, part 2

So, the day after Christmas, the boys {and dogs} and I headed south to Mom's, while Rich headed north to PA to begin a closet transformation.  More on that to come.

He had a wonderful time, and got to see lots of family and friends.  GG was in town from Cincinnati, which was a major bonus; Aunt Shannon was in from Tennessee, and Aunt Poonkin came in from North Carolina.  Good times were had by all!

Aunt Poonkin decided that H needed a ball to add to his collection.  A very large, very bouncy ball.  Thanks, Aunt Poonkin.

We got to visit with Baby James...who isn't much of a baby anymore.

And his Momma was {finally!} successful in changing my mind.  H wore his first cloth diaper {a FuzziBunz Medium that Baby James had outgrown} while we were there, and as of today, we have been 100% cloth for 18 days!  I'm still working on building up my stash, especially for when #3 gets here, but thanks to flushable liners, I am completely committed!  {More on this to come, I'm sure!}

Some of us kept putting our leg in a plastic jar and {attempting to} walk around.

 G loves his little brother sooooo much!  HA!!!

Aunt Shannon convinced Oma that G wanted to make more roll-out cookies while we were there.  She tried to pretend like it was G's idea and would make wonderful memories.  I think it was really because she wanted to eat the dough.

 Oma tried really hard to get Hudson to decorate his dough.  He clearly remembered how delicious it was and was having none of it.

There were some candids taken...

Notice the dough in her hand!


We had a great visit.  As always it was too short, but we'll be back again soon! 

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  1. It was definitely because I wanted to eat the dough...creating memories was a great #2 reason, though! ;)