Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christmas 2011...A recap.

Life has certainly gotten in the way of my blogging - and most aspects of daily life - recently.  So, before I forget, or it's July 4th, here is our Christmas Day in photos:

All G wanted was cars from the Cars movie.  So glad Santa delivered!

H got a new ball pit from the big guy.  And so far, over 3 weeks later, it's still in one piece!  Whoo-hoo!

Finding more new cars in Mack.

This face pretty much sums up his day!  Love.

Their stockings held big bubble wands. Daddy decided they would be fun as light sabers.  Needless to say, this game ended quickly.

Hudson helped finish the last of Santa's cookies.

Hope Santa doesn't have any communicable diseases.

Love the grin!

Mimi & Pappy gave him an Elmo who sings, plays his drums, a tambourine and uses a microphone.  Not nearly as annoying as you might imagine.  :)

At first I thought he was trying to kiss Elmo.  No.  He was trying to talk into his microphone.  ha!

Reading the directions to Daddy.  This, by the way, is officially the Most Annoying Toy.  EVER.  G loves it but, man.  It's bad.

How he spent most of the day.

We got them a basketball hoop.  Quite the hit.

Good shot!

Trying to get a picture of my guys.  Stupid Rhode Island covered H's face in all the good ones.

Christmas night we watched the Polar Express.  Again.  {And yes, I did change their pajamas before bed!} ;-)

We had a wonderful day, enjoyed our time together, and although it was odd to have just the 4 {1/2} of us, it was nice to spend some time together before the boys and I headed south and Rich headed north.  The southern leg of the trip to come....

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