Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Cookies

My great-grandmother had absolutely the best recipe for sugar (roll-out) cookies.  The dough might even be better than the baked cookies.  A close 2nd at the least.  Seriously, once you taste them, store-bought sugar cookies will NEVER compare.  She should be considered for sainthood.  They're really that good.

So, last year we started the tradition of making cookies with the boys.  Well, with G anyway.  H was only 6 months old and either napping peacefully or watching the controlled chaos from the security of his bouncy seat or bumbo.  Ironically, he didn't even have to be strapped into them at that point.  Which, in hindsight, is a lovely thing, since a few months ago I had to re-thread the straps on his highchair...after I found him standing on the tray.  No lie.  This kid might do me in.


Anyhoo, I decided last weekend we'd get started on them to take to a few of our neighbors.

Did I mention Rich was out of town?  So it was just me against and the boys?  And that our kitchen in this house has limited counter space?  And that Hudson is a crazy man?  Yeah.  Apparently I've lost my mind.

Needless to say, there were limited pictures due to the above factors and my messy hands. 

G helped roll and cut out the first batch.  But, that didn't last long since H was trying to get on the stool with him and then throwing a fit in the middle of the kitchen because he couldn't get up to help.  AHHH!  The injustice!

Once we had the first 2 trays cut out, we moved to the dining room table to decorate.  Where Hudson could be restrained in the high chair.  I swear he is the reason some brilliant woman came up with the idea to put a 3-point harness in a high chair.  We never even used it once with G.  H?  Every. single. meal.

So, we sprinkled.  And chocolate chip-ped.  And sugared.  And sprinkled some more.  And some more. 

Hudson's first cookie...decorated completely by himself!  {and just in case anyone who received our cookies this year ever happens upon this, don't worry...none of the cookies Hudson - and his spit - touched were given away!} :)
Sprinkles, anyone?
After they had baked {and H was in bed! Hallelujah!} we iced the {VERY} few cookies left plain.  G did really well icing, and was quite thrilled that he got to use a knife even though "I'm not 7 yet!".  :) 
The end result was adorable, and delicious.  And of course the neighbors loved them.  So did G.

And the tradition continues.  Next year we'll just wait until Daddy is home to help manage the crazy one!

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