Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I have always enjoyed taking the boys' Christmas card picture, trying and trying to get that perfect shot where all eyes are looking, both mouths are smiling, and everyone looks perfect.  Cause, you know, I'm that good and it always happens.  Ahem.

2008 was probably my best, most creative, and most frustrating yet.  Until this year, that is.  But we'll get back to that in a minute. 

In 2008, I decided it would be a wonderful idea to get a picture of a 10 month old Garrett in front of the tree.  And all 3 dogs.  Did I mention my vision included reindeer antlers for the dogs and a Santa hat for G?  Oh...I didn't?  Hmmm.  Must have slipped my mind.  In hindsight, the folder of the pictures I have on facebook is pretty freaking hysterical, and overall, although it wasn't in line with my perfect vision {when is it ever??} I "settled" for this one...and of course now love it!

Around rolls 2009, and I come up with terribly cool idea of waiting an extra 4 weeks {!!!} to announce our pregnancy with Hudson.  The picture itself wasn't an issue this year, as G was 22 months old, followed directions pretty well, and I immediately LOVED how it turned out.  The challenge this year was getting the cards mailed so everyone would receive it on December 26.  Luckily the post office wasn't busy when I took the first batch and the lady was super nice and checked a bunch of zip codes for me so I'd know when to mail them.  And in reality, I don't know if it actually worked out that way, but no one got them before Christmas - which was when we told our families we were pregnant - and that's all that was important.

2010 wasn't terribly hard either...a fairly compliant almost 3 year old and a {NON-MOBILE!!!} Hudson made life easy.

The card was a combination of these 2 pictures...I can't find an online copy of the exact card and I'm entirely too lazy to get up and scan in a copy of it.

Which leads us to 2011.  G is 2 months shy of 4 {HOW is that possible??!!!} and Hudson is a VERY busy 18 months.  Which led to 3 separate photo shoots, countless tears, and my blood pressure rising to what was, I'm sure, an unhealthy level.
Alas, we have a cute Christmas card {the picture wasn't taken during any of our "shoots", for the record} and a bunch of pictures not hardly suitable for printing.  But good for a chuckle.

Photo Shoot #1
Vision: 2 Cute boys in matching shirts in front of the tree, smiling, looking at the camera, looking generally happy.  Oh! And wouldn't a box be cute??!

This was a close second for the card picture.

Wow.  Why didn't I chose this one??!
Annnnnd, we're done.

Photo Shoot #2
Vision: To get a picture with 2 cute boys in their matching shirts.  Looking at the camera.  Hey!  Let's throw in some Christmas lights and see if that will help.

Cute, but H seems to be pleading for his life.
If H weren't looking down, this might have been the one! I love G's expression!

 I think this is super cute, but was afraid DSS would be called.

 This one was totally in the running, but not a good face shot of either.
 G's having a blast.  Hudson?  Not so much.
 ...he's done.

Photo Shoot #3
Vision:  We're going to cut down our Christmas tree!  Wouldn't it be cute with them in front of it!!
Or not.

Impromptu Photo Shoot #4
Vision: We are leaving the Christmas Tree Farm, with a tree {aka: Rhode Island!}.  Last try.  Sit in the grass, love each other and look a the damn camera.  Thankyouverymuch. 

Super cute, if only H were looking up or at G.

So much love.  And H is sooooo not in the mood.

It's totally not my *perfect* picture, but I decided to cut my losses and order it.  And, of course, I love it.  Almost as much as I love them. :)
Merry Christmas from The Evans Boys!

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