Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rhode Island

We decided it'd be "fun" to take the boys and go cut down our own Christmas tree this year.  {"Fun" is the operative word here.}  This was the 2nd time we'd cut one down...the first was in 2008 - G's first Christmas.  We had fun, it even snowed on us, and of course G could have cared less.  In 2009 and 2010, we got it from the local Food Lion down in Lynchburg.  Seriously, the BEST $30 we spent.

But, this year, Rich we decided that G would really "get" it and let's start the tradition.  So, we did. 

We headed out to Middleburg Christmas Tree Farm to hunt for the *perfect* tree. 

So, we wandered.  And looked.  And searched.  {And one of us threw a fit because he was the only one strapped into the stroller.  Ahem.}  And we looked some more.

We attempted to pull our brother on the tree cart.  {It wasn't successful.  I'll leave it at that.}

And FINALLY, we came upon the *perfect* tree.  Affectionately known as Rhode Island.

By the time we found Rhode Island, Hudson was over it all.  And G wasn't in the mood to pose for pictures.  Memories, right?

Then the fun came.  At least the fun for a 3 year old little boy.  The use of a saw!!

Now THAT was just thrilling.

Who needs the cart?  Garrett's got this one!  {please note the diameter of R.I. in this shot, and keep in mind that my child is 43" tall and my husband is 6'3"...and it COMES UP TO HIS CHEST!!!}

"Helping" Daddy get it on the cart.

Hudson's taking over now that it's loaded.

I was really afraid we would run out of lights, but alas, Rhode Island now resides in our living room.  And although it is the most unorganized, unpretty tree I've ever had, considering a certain someone {coughHudsoncough}constantly un/redecorates the bottom 2 feet of the tree, I don't have it in me to beautify it any more.  All the important ornaments are there, and that's all that matters{even though the "pencil" of a tree that I found and fell in love with would have fit beautifully here...and not blocked half of the doorway.  What you can't see from this picture {the only way I could get the whole thing in one shot} is that a good 2-3 feet of the tree is smashed against the wall}.  Technicalities, right?

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