Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Why I haven't blogged recently...

Because, in addition to my normal duties of wiping noses and bottoms, picking up toys, letting dogs in and out, and removing Hudson from precarious positions, I've also been busy, um, cooking {apparently}:  

And, just in case you, too, have been busy you let your plastic lid meal cool a bit - still warm, but not melting to your fingers - it will pop right out of the toaster!  And Yay! for not having to go buy another toaster!!


  1. Who helped you with this one? G or H?

  2. Ha! Good guess. But, unfortunately, it was me alone. I remember putting the lid up there so Hudson wouldn't keep taking it off the counter while I was fixing their dinner, and {obviously!} didn't realize it had fallen down into the toaster until the following morning. AFTER breakfast. :|