Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bowling, Chins & Elbows

So on the Saturday before G's birthday, we had a bowling party for he and his little friend, Sayla, who had turned 3 the week before.  Isn't she just edible??!

The day started with Oma, Shannon, and Todd in town.  Hudson helped take a few years off of Todd's life {and the poor guy couldn't understand why I was taking pictures of him guarding H from tumbling to his death} ha! . . .
He's on the back of the love seat, for those wondering.  I mean, how else would you watch it "NOOOOOO!" {snow}
. . . and we also admired our cupcakes which were being safely stored in the oven.  Away from Hudson and Miles.

And, after naptime, it was party time!

None of the 7 kids had ever been bowling before, but they all seemed to have a great time.  As did the adults.  Mission accomplished.

Oma was on Hudson duty.  Poor Oma.

After a couple hours of bowling, we all headed back to our house for pizza & cupcakes.  Yum!

Love those fake toddler smiles!

LOTS of helpers!
And, other than the evening ending with a gash in a chin, some smoke inhalation, and a call to 911, we all had a wonderful evening!!  We seriously need to tone down these kid parties.  One of the kids fell and gashed his chin open in our kitchen {but is fine!}, Rich attempted to burn the house down when he put 3 pizza boxes in the fireplace at the same time {and closed the flue in the process!!}, and Sayla's grandmother slipped on some ice outside on her way down the street, fell, and along with a nasty bump on the head {hence, the 911 call!} busted open her elbow.  An ambulance transport, x-rays, and 2 staples later, she's sore but healing fine.  The excitement never ends! 

But, the birthday boy {and girl!} had a blast and G has already said he'd like to go bowling again.  Score!

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  1. OMG! I guess a lot happened after we left the party!