Monday, February 13, 2012


Four years ago. . .
. . . I fell in love.

Where has the time gone???

Garrett James . . . I am in complete disbelief that you are FOUR YEARS OLD!  You are an amazing little boy, wise beyond your years, and you make us laugh every single day!  You do things all the time {like completely dress yourself} that make me realize you're growing up so quickly.  I love watching you learn to do new things, but am also not ready for you to be so independent all the time.  I secretly relish those moments that you don't seem quite so big. 

Like when you say "fink" instead of "think" and that when we are traveling you like to stop for dinner at "Old McDonald's".  I love that you and Hudson "love ev-each-udder"; that you will only ask for an "o-ba-jay" for lunch and that you love when we have salad and "o-ba-skay" for dinner.

You are an amazing big brother to Hudson and I'm sure you will be to your new baby brother as well.  You're such a caring little boy - you worry about Hudson when he gets hurts, and don't like when even complete strangers are crying. 

You are completely your father's child and your little brain never stops working.  Even at night when I'm putting you to bed, you'll suddenly pop out with something from hours or days earlier that you've apparently been thinking about.  You keep me on my toes, trying to stay one step ahead of that little brain.  You like things in perfect order {just like your Daddy!} and more often than not, your cars are perfectly lined up.

You are so smart!  You can already recognize most written letters, count to 29, and have the memory of an elephant!  You forget nothing!  You can write your name, Hudson's name, and Mommy and Daddy {with spelling help}, as well as anything we spell out for you.  You've started showing some phonetic awareness and know what letters most of your extended family member's names start with.

You are, for the most part, a very content, independent player.  Give you 2 cars and you're happy for an hour. 
You love your Cars movies more than anything and can say a good portion of the movie verbatim.  Most trips in the car aren't taken alone.  Lightning and Chick or The King accompany us most days.

I love that you love music! Your favorite shows are {still} The Wiggles and Fresh Beat Band. {We're taking you to Baltimore in March to see the Fresh Beat Band . . .I know you'll be in heaven!}

Garrett, thank you for making me a mommy and for showing me a love that was impossible to comprehend before I had you.  I can't wait to watch you as you grow and experience life.  The forthcoming year will bring lots of new experiences . . .your first organized sport: t-ball; another little brother, and starting preschool in the fall.  I'm sure you'll take them all with a grain of salt, just as you take most "major" changes in your life.  You're hesitant for a minute, then jump right in. 

I hope you never lose the passion you have for life, the grin that melts my heart, or the sparkle in those big brown eyes.  Happy 4th birthday, buddy!  Mommy loves you more than much!

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