Thursday, August 9, 2012

Quote of the Day

{This actually happened a few weeks ago and luckily I jotted it down so I wouldn't forget.  Unfortunately I forgot that I jotted it down so I wouldn't forget.  Sigh.}

We had gone to dinner {somewhere} and on the way home, Hudson was whining.  Again.  He'd been out of sorts for a few weeks . . . we later discovered it was because he was cutting 2 molars at the same time which also explained the phantom 102* fever he ran with no other symptoms.  But at the time all we knew was that he was clingy {to me} and whiny.  All. Day. Long.  We were more than a little tired of the incessant whining, and apparently Garrett was as well.

The car was dark and Hudson was whining when, from way back in the 3rd row, we hear:

"Hudson?  Why don't you suck your fingers for a little bit."


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