Friday, November 30, 2012


Well, I did pretty well listing my thankfulness.  Until, that is, the munchkin's bronciolitis got even worse.  Thankfully with the use of a nebulizer, we were able to keep it from progressing any further and he is FINALLY back to his happy, smiley self.

So, a recap of last week's thankful count . . . all in one.  :)


Today I'm thankful for pediatricians with holiday hours.


Today I am again thankful for modern medicine.


Today I'm thankful for our hard-working, OCD, intense, fun, cuddly Daddy.


Today I'm thankful for Omas who always save the day {and my sanity}.


Today I'm thankful for Rich's college roommate who introduced him to Iranian food.


Today I'm thankful for the simple pleasures in life.  Like playing with a pack of toilet paper.


Today I'm thankful for friends.


And today, I'm thankful for helpers;

bandaids, even when they're unnecessary;
the tooth fairy . . .
 . . . who still isn't allowed in his room;
 that my happy baby is back, and

for pictures that make me stop in my tracks and wonder how a picture of a butt crack ended up on my phone before realizing it is knuckles.  Not a butt crack.
Shew.  Cause that would have been weird.

Hmmmm.  Wonder who might have done that . . .

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