Saturday, November 10, 2012

Six Months

Easton!!  You're


What you're up to these days:

 * We went to the doctor today and you're 18.9 pounds {75%} and 27" {75%} of perfection!  i looked back - all 3 of you were within a 1/2 inch of each other at 6 months, and you are exactly the same weight as garrett was. . . which happens to be almost 1 1/2 pounds more than hudson.  :)

* You have your 2 bottom teeth and the top ones aren't far behind.

* You sit like a champ!  Even Dr. Kapor commented on how solid you were . . . "more like a 9 month old".  slow down!!

* You got to meet 2 more of your cousins last weekend - John  & Doug were in town from Ohio for a Lacrosse tournament so we went to watch.

all 4 of GG's great-grandsons

* You roll over  both ways, as well as spin in circles.  You also post up on your arms and scoot backwards.  seriously  slow down!

* You are so laid back.  And you're happiest when the boys are playing and making noise.

* We started giving you some cereal last week.  You ate it but much prefer the popsicles and ice cream your brothers {and Daddy} give you.

* You sleep pretty well . . . we're usually up once during the night. I'm pretty sure you'd be sleeping all night if you weren't in our room . . . and if you hadn't already figured out I'm a sucker for your sweet, middle of the night cuddles.

Easton, you're such a blessing to us all.  I absolutely cannot imagine my life without your sweet smiles and feel so blessed that I was lucky enough to be chosen for you.  I hope you always love your brothers like you do right now and that you never lose your killer smile.  I can't wait to see what your 7th month holds . . . I just hope it doesn't go by too quickly.  I love you, Munchkin!

Here are all 3 boys at about 6 months:

Yup.  Preeeeetty sure they're all from the same stock.


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