Tuesday, August 6, 2013


8 years.  

How has it already been 8 years since we said "I will"??!  I hardly remember life before, and life after has exceeded my dreams.  We have 3 amazing boys and I wouldn't trade our life together for anything.

I'm sure somewhere there is the {written or un-} rule that you don't go into marriage hoping or wanting to change your spouse.  But I'm sure I'm not alone in believing I could change tweak him.  He's not quite the barbaric bachelor I married 8 years ago . . . he doesn't usually use clothes as kleenex anymore, afterall.  hehehe

But the one aspect of my dear husband I did believe and wish I could change, was his romantic side.  Or lack thereof.  And let me tell you, it hasn't happened.  One. Single. Bit.

So, I give up.  I quit.  He'll never be romantic and I just need to deal with it.  

This year I decided I'm done.  And, to follow the mantra of "if you can't beat them, follow them", I took his lead this year.  There were no trips to Hallmark, searching for the *perfect* card.  Instead, there was a thorough search of someecards.com and oh my word . . . so many to choose from.  

The following is the email he received this morning.  And, it was perfect.  He even showed his coworkers . . . something he certainly would not have done with a mushy, or even crass, Hallmark knock-off {cause you know I wasn't spending money on a legit Hallmark for the goober}.

Happy Anniversary, Babe!!  I love you!!


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