Sunday, July 28, 2013

VA Beach 2013

Last weekend we headed down to VA Beach to visit Aunt Shannon for the 2nd summer.  I can definitely see this becoming a tradition . . . assuming she invites us back.  ;-)

The boys all love the beach and the water, and although I was AWFUL this year and didn't even take the "real" camera out of the bag, I did snap a few pictures with my cell phone.  The big boys were entirely too busy to pose for many, and I never even got one of everyone all coordinated and cute when we went out for dinner . . . you win some and lose some, right?

I think my favorite part of this picture {aside from it's one of the only ones proving the big boys were actually there} is that I caught Hudson in the background "diving" in the water.  All 2 inches of it.

A munchkin acting like a big boy.
They're so cute.

A "a-juss" and cat nap break.
{this was on Friday.  On Saturday morning he took a nap in the ocean.  Literally, Shannon and I took turns holding him while he slept.}

Friday night we went out to dinner and then to a local Farmer's Market for music and ice cream.  It was fun . . . with a side of interesting.  :)

On our way to dinner.  Shew.  

And, Monday morning as we were packing up.  Aunt Shannon had already gone to work . . . complete with heels.  H & E were helping me pack upstairs and H said, "Yook, Mommy.  I go to work."  Ha!

Thanks again for having us, Aunt Shannon!  We had a blast!  Sorry about the fingernail polish, the necklace, and the lamp.  We loooooooove you!

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