Wednesday, July 10, 2013

14 months

Easton . . . you're 

{I'll eventually catch up on the past few months!!}

* You are such a happy, smiley guy!

* You finally started walking {almost} full time on July 3rd.

* You didn't have a doctor appointment this month, but you had to go back for a weight check because you hadn't gained any weight between 9 & 12 months.  As we suspected, it was because you're just too busy.  It certainly isn't because you don't eat.

* You weighed 22.9 pounds and are probably around 32".

* You say a few words: ball, "oose" {juice}, bye-bye, hi, and occasionally ma-ma.

* You LOVE to talk on the phone . . . or anything that looks like a phone . . . and immediately put it up to your ear/on your shoulder.  

* We took a long weekend trip to Oma's and got to play with lots of boys!

* You are still a great sleeper - at least a 2-3 hour nap and 10+ hours at night.

* If there was any doubt, you're definitely mine.  :)

* You LOVE your brothers!  And balls.  I'm not sure which you love more.  You are also a Daddy's boy.  You usually want to know where I am, but don't usually mind being out of my sight.  You reach for Daddy as soon as he hits the door, and the big boys as soon as you see them every day after nap and when you get up in the morning.

* We made a quick trip to the shore last weekend, and spent Monday morning on Assateague Island.  You LOVED the sand!  People walking on the beach stopped to watch as you crawled, 'snow-plowing' the sand with your hands as you went.  You also didn't mind the water even though it was cold!

* You are into everything.  I can't turn my back for 3 seconds without you getting into something.  You're definitely giving Hudson a run for the title of "monkey".

* We went down to the Herndon fireworks for the 4th and you were completely enthralled.

* You think you're a big boy and can do anything your brothers do.  Even when you shouldn't.  

* You've cut 3 molars in the past few weeks, making for some rough days, but even at your fussiest, you're still happy.  You now have 11 teeth!

* You're such a little flirt.  When someone speaks to you, you'll tuck your head into my shoulder and grin at them.  


You are such an amazing little guy and your smile can light up the room.  Your belly laugh is as contagious as Garrett's and your blue eyes sparkle as mischievously as Hudson's.  You're such a combination of the two, yet have your own spark, too.  I'm so blessed to be your mommy.  I love you, Munchkin.

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