Wednesday, June 18, 2014



You are

How did that happen???

What you're up to these days:

* You are 36.4 pounds (75%) and 42" tall (75%)! I can't believe you're in the 75% for weight!!

* You wear 5T shirts, 4T pants, and a size 12.5 shoe.

* You are still our wild man, although your little brother is hot on your heels!

* You are still a great sleeper - 9pm - 7am.  You started migrating in the past few months, and more often than not end up in our bed by morning.  

* You are so excited about going to preschool in the fall that you can hardly stand yourself!  You're going to summer camp this week at HUMC and have LOVED it!  You don't even say goodbye as you jump out of the car and run in!

* You're still excelling at baseball - and love every minute of it.  You're the first to pick up a bat {or golf club} to hit any ball in sight.  

* You're very articulate and have far fewer "cute" sayings than G did at 4.  I love that you still want to be "up you" if you want me to hold you, if you do something by mistake you have an "ass-ca-dent", you say "in-duce-you" for "introduce you" {thanks, Real Steel}, "amerham" Lincoln was the 16th president, and, of course, eats "o-ba-jays" for lunch most days. 

* You love everyone and never balk at a new situation.  You couldn't care less if I'm around or not, and are rarely cautious of a new situation or people.

* You LOVE your brothers and get quite upset if Garrett is upset with you and won't play with you.  

Hudsy, we love you more than much and can't imagine how boring our life would be without you in it!  We laugh at - and with - you every single day, and you are still my cuddle-bug when you slow down enough to sit still.  I hope you always keep that twinkle in your eye and spring in your step . . . I just hope I can keep up!  We love you, buddy!

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