Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 5th

We partied at our friend's house on the 4th, and then had friends here on the 5th!  We do love July 4th!

I don't think I took 3 pictures all night, but luckily other people did!

             Kathy as a back scratcher?                                            Good popsicle sharers.

Bounce house fun  -

E will share his popsicles but don't mess with the chair.  haha

We had FINALLY gotten the trampoline set up just before the party, and it was quite a hit, to say the least.  First thing the next morning - and most days since - this has been the view from the living room window.  Yay for finding a steal on Craigslist!  I swear - the best money we have ever spent.

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