Monday, July 21, 2014

Va Beach, 2014

So, we got home from Pulaski on Thursday, partied Friday and Saturday, and after taking Sunday off {less another boat fiasco which ended happily with a delicious dinner with great friends!} the boys and I loaded up Monday morning for a final trek down to Va Beach.  Aunt Shannon has moved and therefore stolen our free beach destination.  I guess a couple new cousins will be worth it, but . . . ;-)

We got in Monday afternoon - at the beginning of a week-long heat wave.  My pregnant self had no interest in hanging out at the scalding beach, so we decided to be smart about it and head on over that evening.  A pizza picnic was in order!

Hopefully G won't be too scarred from having to wear a pink lifejacket . . . we've since upgraded him to one that fits.  And it's red.  Shocker



We stayed until almost dark - and it was wonderful.  Steamy but not miserable and we enjoyed the heat index of over 100 on Tuesday from the air conditioning of the Portsmouth Children's Museum with friends.

Cpt. Garrett at the helm!


The highlight of his day!

We played all day and 2/3 took naps on the way home.  We hit Hot Tuna for one final dinner that night, and then after coming home and changing into pjs, loaded up and headed north.  Everyone was asleep within the first half hour and we made it without stopping, getting home about 11:30.  The little boys never even roused up when I brought them in, and while Garrett did, he walked straight into our room, curled up next to Daddy, and proceeded to sleep soundly all night.  

It was a short trip but well worth it to see Aunt Shannon one more time {at the beach} AND, for the first time in nearly 9 years of marriage, we now have a REAL bed!!  My bedroom no longer looks like a frat house.  Yay!!

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