Tuesday, September 10, 2013

16 months



What you're up to these days:

* You don't have a doctor's appointment again until 18 months, but you're probably around 23 pounds.

* You're wearing 18 and 24 months clothes.

* You cut all 4 of your eye teeth this month!  Thank heavens we're done now until your 2 year molars.  {Let's hold off on those for a bit, m'kay?}

* You've started saying "Daa-eee" for Daddy, "uh-oh", "nah-nah" {knock-knock . . . on a door/wall/anything hard}, and occasionally something that resembles Mommy.

* You had your first visit to the ER. I have the feeling this won't be our last visit.

* You have FINALLY started drinking milk . . . as long as I mix it with Kefir/one of the boys' "yogurt drinks".

* You will eat anything.  And go to anyone. And you run everywhere.

* We went to PA last weekend and you got to go on your first carnival rides.  You loved it!!

* You LOVE your brothers and your Daddy.

* I still have to get it on video, but when Daddy comes home from work and asks if you want to wrestle, you take off down the hallway to our room and keep looking back to make sure he's coming.  It's hysterical!

* You are such a lover!  You hug and kiss everyone and everything . . . alive or not.

This was baby G's birth announcement.  He carried it around the house all afternoon kissing it.

You are still the happiest, smiliest, baldest baby I know!  We love you more than much and can't wait to see what your next months and years have in store!  We love you, Beaton!

And, just for comparison's sake, here are all 3 of you boys at about 16 months:

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