Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Since the moment Hudson became mobile, I would have put money on him being the first casualty.  The first ER trip.

Last Wednesday (Aug 28), Mr. Easton decided he needed to carve his own path in the Evans history books, and after a fall (trip? stumble?) at a friends house, he became the first to make the ER trek.
Although I was standing 20 feet away and facing him, I didn't see it.  We all just heard the bang and then the scream.  When I got over to him I didn't even see anything at first . . . it wasn't until I went to wipe away his tears and pulled away a blood-covered hand that I knew where we were headed.  

After I cleaned him up, sent the above picture to a physician's assistant family member, called the pediatrician and Daddy, E and I loaded up and headed to Reston Hospital Center's Emergency Room.

Poor baby was ready for nap time and passed out on the 7 minute ride.

We were triaged while I signed in, taken back, examined , cleaned up, and out the door in under an hour.  No stitches and because it was laying so nicely already, not even any glue.

The cut healed relatively quickly {by Saturday it looked like a little scratch} but the bruising is still hanging around.  As hard as he must have hit, the craziest part was the bruising.  There wasn't a whole lot to begin with, but the weird part was that the color never left the confines of his birthmark.  I'm sure there's a scientific reason for this, but it just blew my mind.  His left eyelid looked basically like it did 15 1/2 months ago.

And by Sunday, this is all that was left:

Dang if that doesn't look like Hudson!

I'm so glad our first ER visit wasn't terribly exciting, he's healed just fine, and there was no eye damage.  Counting my blessings, and saying a little extra prayer it'll be a long while before we grace those doors again.

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